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Ordering Wine From Moldova Has Never Been Easier

Moldovan Wines are the UK’s leading retailer of Moldovan Wine produce. Only original Moldovan Wines can be bought online through our eCommerce store. It easy to order our Moldovan Wines and if you own a shop, we can become your direct supplier, simply contact us to open a trade account with us.

Moldova is renowned for producing and storing the world’s greatest wines for investors, the rich, wealthy, celebrities, royalty and general public. Moldova even has it’s own wine city, if you ever visit the capital, you must tour the circa 60 miles of under ground wine cellars, the landmark is called Cricova, just ask any local native as they will point you in the right direction.

Moldova is the producer of the world’s greatest wines and is one of the largest suppliers to Russia. Since 2013, Moldova has built many relationships with other nations and is becoming the one of the leading forces within the wine industry on a global basis. Any wine coniessour will be aware of the majestic wine produced by a small yet integrated wine making country. Over 30% of the nation are involved in wine making, subsequently, there is no surprise Moldova is one of the worlds greatest producers of wine.

  • Percentage of population who are involved in Wine 31%
  • Number of people who love Moldovan Wine 93%
  • Average alcohol percentage 14.5%

View Our Online Store To Order Online Now is fantastic, I love this website and order all of my wines through their online store. The wine is great, I do not know how such special wines have been overseen by so many. Ordering is easy and deliveries are fast too. Our clients certainly love the wines.

Danny Nevill

Managing Director, Nevill Media

I was born in Moldova, subsequently, I might seem bias, however, once you try the rich taste of Moldovan wine, I am confident you will be proud of your selection. If you have never tried Moldovan wine before, you must give it a try as it is much nicer than most other wines.

Cristina Ignat

Web Developer , Universal Web Design

We love this website and use it frequently to order wines for our clients. Having visited Moldova, I am a big ambassador for Moldovan wines and cannot recommend their wine collection highly enough. If you have not visited the wine cellars in Moldova, you must as they are truly amazing!

Lee Lewis

IT Technician , Total IT Solutions

I am Moldovan and might be a little bit supportive of my country, although, this is because the wine is great there and I love the rich flavours of great wine. I did miss my wine when leaving to live in the UK, however, thanks to I can now order bottles directly to my home. You must try for yourself.


Accountant , Tax Assist